Adonal’s Pics

14 May

Darth Win

What are all these priests doing at the Star Wars convention?

Kobayashi v. Bear

If you can’t tell exactly what is happening in the above screenshot: former world champion eater Takeru Kobayashi is competing against a thousand-pound bear in an eating contest on the short-lived FOX show Man vs. Beast. I haven’t decided what the best thing about this image is: the fact that I found it on eBaum’s World, the fact that there is an American flag hanging over the bear, or the fact that a man could possibly think he could defeat a bear in an eating contest. Actual quotes from the announcers: “No hands for the bear. Unbelievable,” “He looks away and he takes a break because he doesn’t know it’s a competition,” and my personal favorite, “When the bear came out, I saw a flash of fear in Kobayashi’s eyes because he’s never faced a competition like this.”


Harry Caray: I guess I’m just a worrier, that’s why my friends call me Whiskers.
Scientist Ken Waller: I thought you said your friends call you Whiskers cause you were curious as a cat.

P.S. Counting this as my animal picture.


No need to ask Google (or Jeeves), simply ask Adonal. I do not know how to answer your Norris/buttermilk inquiries, however.

The Bottom Right

Quote from a Christian friend: “I think this is actually a religious coloring book that has to deal with seven days creation and dinosaurs.”


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