Pete’s Pics

14 May

When I learned of this week’s theme, I quickly regressed from a state of boylike excitement to a state of utter panic. 5 pictures? Of all the amazing pictures on the internet you want me to pick FIVE? I’m the dude who spends his leisure time locked on google images browsing images of “Sam Cassell’s head.” “Funny dog photo.”  “Funny Bill Cosby photo.” “Weird talents involving at least three limbs photo.” I’ve searched it all and seen it all. I could not possibly pick five, even given the category parameters described at the top.

So I narrowed my pool. Writing this post on my phone at the airport, I figured why not pick from the 2,000 plus photos on my phones camera roll? So, I did.

Enjoy this random assortment of pics I’ve snapped over the last couple years.  Then google image “butter stick” ASAP.

#1 Category: Animal photo

This is an epic picture of my dog. The second most epic thing my dog ever did besides getting captured for this photo happened every time she responded to the question “who let the dogs out?” with a perfectly timed “Woof. Woof woof woof.” Does your dog sing anything by the Baja Men? Does your dog sing at all? Didn’t think so. Love you Tamdog.


#2 Category: Nonfamous person/people

I snapped this photo during intermission of my lil cousin’s middle School play. While perusing the various class photos on the hallway wall, I came across the great 8th grade class of 2001. Out of hundreds of kids, this cluster caught my eye for two reasons, and made me wonder who was a scarier dodgeball player in middle school gym class: Cobain or Iverson?


#3 Category: Famous person/people

Snapped in my college food court. Was so bummed no one pasted a Nate Dogg photo on the Nate Dogg machine. RIP.


#4 Category: Inanimate object

More like inanimate objectS. As in four of em.

Pizza hut lady: “What would you like to drink?”
Me: “Four raspberry lemonades.”
Pizza hut lady: “Sir, did you know there are free refills-”

Don’t worry I tipped her 20%.

#5 Category: Wildcard

The Coz. Worth 1000 words and apparently the same number of years on the planet. Hang in there bro.

Don’t forget about “butter stick.”

<3, Pete the Peasant


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